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pies and savouries

Our pies and savoury treats are always a hit.

Mince pie

Mince & cheese pie

Cottage pie

Chicken pie

Chicken, cranberry & brie pie

Chicken, mushroom & bacon

Steak pie

Steak & cheese pie

Steak & mushroom pie

Steak & pepper pie

Steak, cheese & tomato wrap

Spinach & cheese wrap

Butter chicken wrap

Steak & Mushroom wrap

Beef & Guinness wrap

Ham & tomato quiche

Ham & mushroom quiche

Vegetarian quiche

Sausage roll

Spinach roll

Beef roll

Cheese & garlic sausage roll

Pork & apple sausage roll

Potato & bacon scroll

Beef pastie

Scotch egg

Family cottage pie

Family steak pie

Family mince & cheese pie

Family bacon quiche

Family vegetable quiche

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